An Wushu
Family Kung Fu School

Full time kung fu training in China

Eat... Sleep... Train...

What will i learn at an wushu?


Known as the "bodyguard martial art" for its role protecting China's Emperors in ancient times, Bajiquan is a powerful, combat-focused style.


Sanda is a military style with powerful strikes and throws that builds incredible fitness.

Qigong & Meditation

All styles include qigong & meditation to balance your yin and yang.


Baguazhang is a Daoist martial art which develops the "dragon body": the ability to deliver power from any angle with every part of the body.


Xingyiquan is a Daoist martial art that cultivates health & energy so powerful strikes can be effortlessly delivered.


Learn Taijiquan to breathe deeply, loosen tight muscles & become truly relaxed.

Why Should I Choose An Wushu?

100% English Instruction

An Shifu speaks and teaches in English.

Custom Training

Kung fu is for everyone, but not everyone learns kung fu the same way: An Shifu gives each student a training plan that plays to their strength and brings up their weaknesses. Individual training means individual care. Depending on their skill level, availability and wish for participation some student will have the chance to compete in tournaments, shows and performances.

Tradition Lives On

An Shifu teaches the way his father & grandfather taught him. You will receive lessons in very unique training styles from An Shifu personally and might even get the chance to meet his father. An Shifu will teach you not only fighting skills, but also the philosophies behind the martial art combining the martial with the spiritual.

Family School

You'll be welcomed into a family of kung fu brothers & sisters. We are a family school with lots of personal contact. Family rules are strict but loving.

Combat Focused

An Wushu is combat-focused. Every movement can be used in combat. Training focuses on developing fighting ability (if that is the student's goal).

Everything Included

Eat home-cooked meals and sleep comfortably in a dormitory or private room. Click here to learn more.

“Good, now you have the technique. Practice 10,000 times, and it will be perfect. Practice 10,000 more times, it will still be perfect, but the essence will have changed. This is kung fu.”

Shifu An Jian Qiu