Partner Schools

Here is the list of certified An Wushu instructors.

Instructors train a minimum of one year fulltime at the school, including extra training with An Shifu. The instructor program is invite-only and people do not pass just by staying at the school or even by being skilled in gongfu. Our instructors are men and women with good hearts and strong character.

(Anyone not listed on this page has not been given permission to teach.)

Jacob Bartoletti teaches An Family and Cheng Style kung fu. Jacob is a Swedish Karate and Taiji champion.


Arvid Veltkamp is available for private lessons in Berlin. Email him at

Luca Zara teaches An Family Bajiquan, and qigong, via private and group classes. He is also available for seminars on traditional gongfu development, with his research continuing in multiple countries. Contact him at