Many people do Sanda a disservice by calling it ‘Chinese kickboxing’: modern Sanda is an impressive sport, but the removal of more dangerous techniques (such as elbows) and the highly protective gear has change it from what it was originally: a military art designed to express the movement principles of kung fu.

This means that a jab is not a jab: it’s the ability to deliver forward power! A hook isn’t just a hook: it’s the ability to deliver round power. If you train in such a way as to only learn principles, not techniques, there is a lot to be missed in Sanda’s seemingly simple repertoire.

Although An Shifu was a competitive Sanda champion, he learnt and teaches the original military Sanda.

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Lightning Reflexes

There is no way to get good at dodging an attack without practicing that. It is needed in addition to the basics and forms that many styles of kung fu focus on. All An Family students who wish to fight must train Sanda in addition to their chosen style/s.

Build Fitness

Fitness is a huge component of Sanda training. Advanced students are expected to do as much as 300 push-ups, sit-ups and jump squats in a session – or more!


To fight, you must spar. Sanda training starts with simple drills (depending on the student’s ability when they arrive) and progresses to high-strength sparring.